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Hello all, it's my first time on the forums, and I was hoping you all could help me. I need some files off an old IDE hd, and I was looking at an IDE to USB 2.0 converter/adapter. Do you know if these support hd that are partitioned into 2 drives?
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  1. I use the Apricorn Uninversal HD adaptor...connects SATA/PATA and even notebook drive to any USB port.
    Comes with all cables,PSU and backup/clone software.
    Other brands are basicaly the same and prices start off @ $19 USD.
  2. I'm just worried because my old drive was partitioned into 2, and if the adapter will recognize the second partition
  3. Get an external casing if you can't find another PC to put the disk into.
  4. It will be ok, no problem with your partitions. The adapter works as if you had the disc connected via ide....
  5. Why not simply plug the drive directly into your computer? That's what I do.
  6. jsc said:
    Why not simply plug the drive directly into your computer? That's what I do.

    My master hd is sata and a lot of people said they had problems connecting an ide drive while sata was their main/primary. If you can give me instructions on how to connect my ide hd while i have my sata as my primary I would be grateful
  7. I haven't had any trouble doing that with my 680i PC.

    Instructions: The IDE HD should have instructions on it describing how to jumper it as a single drive. Jumper it as a single drive. Turn off PC. Open PC. Plug IDE cable into IDE socket on motherboard. Plug other end on IDE cable and PSU power connector into IDE HD.

    I think all of the newer IDE cable connectors are keyed so they cannot be inserted backwards. If you have an old ribbon cable, the red trace on one edge represents pin 1. On the HD, pin 1 is the closest pin to the power connector. The motherboard should have some kind of markins to designate pin 1 of the IDE connector. Even if you manage to insert one end of the cable backwards, you won't cause any damage. It just will not work.

    Boot. BIOS should see the IDE HD. You should not need to do anything to change boot order. After Windows loads, it also should see the new drive. Transfer files.
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