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Am about to upgrade my computer with new motherboard and CPU. I am already running Windows 7 on my current system. Is there a way to preserve my license key or am I going to have a problem upon reactivation? Obviously I need to do a fresh install to get all the new drivers and such. Just wondering what pain I am in for with Windows 7 activation. I know there was a tool out there for Vista to backup license key, but could not find one for W7. Does one exist?
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  1. If it is a legitimate license, you should be able to activate it again. If it gives you grief during internet activation, just give them a call and they'll give you the activation code over the phone. Just let them know you've recent upgraded.
  2. Windows 7 retail no problem .... Windows 7 OEM, could be an issue.

    Your license key is written on the package sticker.
  3. You can get Windows 7 activation Backup Tool here http://www.blogsdna.com/4968/how-to-backup-restore-windows-7-activation-status.htm.

    But since you are changing motherboard, I dont think this tool can help you. You need to activate windows the usual way.
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