Overclocking the 3500+(Socket 939)

Hey guys, wanting to know, got a 3500+ running in a biostar geforce 6100 m9 board, not the t-force model. But it's got the overclocking options, anyway, I have those, and 1 gig of pc2700 memory which I am sure is limiting me. But wanting to know what's happening.

Temps are very good, low 30's. In bios I tried lowering ram speed to 166 and even 133, but if I set cpu speed much over 220, the pc according to the bios wants to go into safe mode after it posts and prompts me to reset my cpu frequency. Or I'll get to windows and get the blue screen. According to a utility called warpspeeder that came with the board, for overclocking, they show my speeds when I hit say 220 fsb as ddr running maybe 166-170 something, depending on the oc, but when I set it to 133 then of course it shows that. the pci bus shows as 33 mhz, and agp bus as 100(although it's really pci express). What I want to know is what do you guys think is holding me back, obviously cooling is great, haven't tried messing with voltage yet, but I'm wanting later to get a 4200+ and some better ram, pc 3200 and oc to say 2.6-2.8 ghz.

Question, does is sound possible at this point, and what do you guys think is holding me back, and how could I work around that. Also, do you think the 4200+ is capable of those speeds? And I have seen the manchester core and toledo cores for sale, which is the better buy in this case? Anything I'm missing? Thanks in advance!!

Btw, PSU is an ultra V series 400 watt, and temporarily running a 7300 le video card.

Also, I do not think my board gives the option to change the multiplier, I'll have to recheck.
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  1. Come on, nothing?
  2. Make sure that your HT link is not set to 5x, otherwise when your get past about 1100Mhz it won't work anymore. I have an AMD Athlon X2 4200+ Toledo OC'd @ 2.7Ghz (270x10) and it works great. I have heard that the Toledos are better than the Manchesters. I believe that there are some forum topics on that; if you look them up I am sure you will find them.
  3. Might want a better PSU.
  4. monster, thanks for the replies, it seems you were correct, I reset the HTT to 4x and fsb to 250 and got up to 2.75 ghz. Now another question, if I reset my memory to say ddr 133 or 166 I got more errors at those levels, however things were a lot more stable if I set it to auto, any ideas? Thanks.
  5. Very nice oc.Are you running stable at 2.75?
  6. It was stable enough to run windows, etc, but have I stress tested it? No. I am suspecting my ram would hold me back as it's only pc2700, and CPU Z showed it at one point running 188 mhz on the memory, so what to do...I am considering jumping to socket am2 if feasible. Because I want to go dual core anyway, but by the time I'd by another 939 chip, and 2 gb of pc3200 I could get a new board, chip and ram for about the same $$.
  7. Hey, yes this is a good OC, look i have just same processor and board, tha thing is that i have pc3200, generic nothing big deal, and i didn't know about the reducing the HT will let go further with the FSB so what i did was, I put my Core V on the max or almost their had my memory @ 140, from the BIOS update in the REBELS HAVEN that gives you a lot of other options, and i started testing and going up inside the windows, I could get FSB 302, but was just to know how far i could go with this board, so i started raising the CPU multiplier, Memory and HT, this is what i got, I bought a 3800x2 for 70 that now is 50, and OC it from 2.0 to 2.9, but i have water now to that helped me but in air i could get 2.7 witch i was having in the 3500+, so i don't know if this is going to help, but start going up with one by one and reduce one, raise the other until you get the maximum from every one of them.
  8. Well, like I said for mine, if I left HT on Auto, which I'm assuming was 5x, then fsb for the cpu topped out around 220.

    When I dropped HT to 4x I could go FSB 250(I think) for the oc of 2.75 without touching my voltages.

    I am assuming that my memory is my limiting factor, because if I take memory off the default setting, which is just simply the auto setting the board assigns it, I have problems, but like even if I try to drop it to ddr 133 or 166, without changing timings. Keep in mind I just have pc 2700. Now when I was using HT 4x and had FSB at 240-245, in cpu z, I believe it showed my memory speed as 188 mhz, or somewhere around there, so if I had better memory, I think I could definitely go around 2.8 ghz or maybe 2.9 on air, and be stable, don't know if I would have to bump voltages or not. Using just a cheap thermaltake heatsink and fan, and temps were low 40's I believe. More like 36-42, something like that. I still need to get another fan, the old one that fit my case window croaked on me. Still got one on the other side, one in the back under PSU and another pulling from the front though. But again, considering just going to socket am2, because even if I buy 2gb of generic pc3200, I can almost buy a board and memory for the same money, and I plan to replace the chip anyway.

    Any more thoughts about tweaking anything more from this? Where would I find the utilities to test it and be sure it's stable? Thanks.
  9. Ok i understand but as i said, reduce the memory to 100 and increase the processor, so the memory is not a bottleneck for you, then you are going to have an idea if you could go over that. I prefer DDR instead of DDR2, too much money to change to this new system that is already behind, so when ddr3 comes and reach a good price i maybe change but not DDR2, it's just one single step forward, i want to jump in this type of stuff. GET THE BEST OR JUST STAY WITH WHAT YOU HAVE...
  10. Ok, update time guys, got a new overclock. I dumped ht down to 4x, I tried what ferreguetti said, went to 100 mhz on memory, but discovered I could safely go to 133 mhz on memory, so keep in mind, I have pc 2700, which is rated at 166 mhz.

    So dumped ht to 4x, memory at 133, and fsb at 255, did NOT increase voltage, currently running at 2.8 ghz, seems stable enough, so we'll see, but according to cpuz, the memory is running at 164.6 mhz, so just under it's stock speed now.

    Weird thing though, running Vista business, and tried to rate the system for fun, it does not know what to make of this setup. After you rate it, it just reads a ? mark. Who knows.....but seems stable, currently temps are at 36-37 degrees celcius, on air.
  11. Dude i got something to tell you, i bought new memory kit a gskill ddr400, i couldn't buy a ddr600, so i got this one, i was using the memory that came with the computer and i could get ddr 414, that was top, but was using 3-4-4-8 to be stable, put this new one i ran @ 466 2.5-3-3-6 but i could get ddr 496 2.5-3-3-6, it is really good, made a huge difference ion the games, rated 5.9 against 4.7 on vista...

    It's just an view of what you can do with your computer...

    And i like high HT so mine operates @1403 i don't want it under clocked that's why i OC it in the windows, keeping my HTx5
  12. Wow HT @ 1403 is impressive.
  13. dudes, i'm also trying to oc, but first, what is HT? and i've looked through my bios and cannot find it. my oc options are only cpu ratio, mem clock, and cpu clock. please dont tell me i have to flash bios to have ht show up. i'm stuck running my socket 939 3800 2gh, at 2.2 gh, cpu clock at 220 (i'm assuming this is same as fsb). and when i change my multiplier, nothing changes in cpu-z, it continues to read X10, unless i move it to 11, then no post, and i need to remove cmos battery to reset bios. any suggestions. you guys know so much more than me. thx.
  14. Well, number one, you should have a cmos jumper on your board, so you should not have to remove the battery, just short that jumper for a few seconds, then move it back. If memory serves, HT or HTT is short for Hyper Transport Technology. as far as I know, it works like this, 5x200=HT of 1000 at stock speed so there is the basic math for stock speed, I've read on here that once HT gets over 1100 it does not work too well, so you decrease HT and increase Front Side bus to increase CPU speed. It may be your motherboard may not have many overclocking options, but it should say something about HT in one of the menus if you can change it.
  15. Seriousturtle, please also read the guide on how to overclock a AMD CPU at the top of the overclocking forum.
  16. i read the guide and printed it out (for while i was in bios), but can't find ht in my bios. does my socket 939 use HT? its nf4 amd 3800. from what ohio says, ht looks alot like the multi. and i can't find the jumper on my board. i know its there somewhere. i think one problem is that my bios names these options differently. can anyone clarify what mem clock and cpu clock are? is one of them the HT? my mem clock is set at 166 now and cpu clock at 220. for an oc of 2.2. but icannot raise more or crashes. thx for your replies.
  17. seriousturtle, what is the make and model of your motherboard?
  18. CPU clock should be the FSB of your cpu, and memory clock is how fast your memory is clocked. The HT I think is separate from those, it could also be called HTT. But it should be a multiplier, it might be on auto in your settings, mine was, but if you have the right options, you should be able to reset it to like 3x, or 4x, etc. Which would let you raise the FSB and get more mhz from your cpu.
  19. thx for your interest in helping already. after 2 years of having this rig, maybe i'll actually have a real oc. gonna take a couple pics right now of my bios. maybe it'll help

    my mobo: evga
    Motherboard Properties:

    Motherboard Name Unknown

    Front Side Bus Properties:
    Bus Type AMD Hammer
    Effective Clock 220 MHz
    HyperTransport Clock 1100 MHz
    Real Clock 220 MHz

    Memory Bus Properties:
    Bandwidth 5866 MB/s
    Bus Type Dual DDR SDRAM
    Bus Width 128-bit
    Effective Clock 367 MHz
    Real Clock 183 MHz (DDR)

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