Hallo i inserted security policy on on partition and now i cant even log windows

Hallo All

I checked deny all on sharing and security for a partition even including the owner/Admin and now i cannot even access the xp admin log in as it doesnt allow to put the log in password. I have tried to access the partition to change policy but i cant manage. Does anybody know how i can access the partition thats giving me ;"access denied" so as to change policy.......
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  1. try this kind of stuff with your pc is not so good unless you don't want the system..
    try in safemode to undo the changes .. if its not available the the try this
    when you hit f8 after bios screen first option is boot in safe mode,, go down whit other options and you have an option called
    " restore my system to last known good configuration"
    hit it.. then it will do.

    note: if you want to play with your pc like this use vmware & have you test OS on that..
  2. Try booting into a linux CD and using their partition editor.
  3. You can also try the hidden administrator account to revert the changes, I believe it has higher privileges:


    Another option is to try system restore to a date prior to the changes, I can't say for sure whether it will work or not.
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