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I have been having issues with my computer for a couple of weeks. It started out when i was playing very graphic intensive games such as Call of duty 4. I initially thought it was my graphics card but i replaced the gpu and th eproblem continued. (the problem was my computer would freeze in game, i could still hear audio in the background and could sometimes alt tab out of it, but the image on the screen would freeze. I was able to fix the problem by blowing extra air into the case.)
Someone suggested it might be my powersupply but then something else happend yesterday. I was restarting my computer and it will now not turn back on. It continually restarts, it loads up the motherboard screen (allowing me to access bios) but never makes it to windows, it continuously reboots and never loads windows. I tried starting it in safe mode and that did not work either, just continues to restart.
Is this a hardrive problem? I was going to go buy a new hardrive but i dont have a big budget and didn't want to waste money if that is not the problem.
Is this a good hardrive for the money? and what sets it apart from some of the cheaper ones besides the capacity (250gb)?
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  1. Forgot to post my comp specs:
    AMD Athlon X2 3800+
    2gb DDR Ram
    MOBO: Geforce 6100-M9
    Evga Geforce 8800 GTS 320MB
    Lightscribe DVD Drive
    300gb Hardrive
    Creative XtremeGamer Sound Card

    PowerSupply - Logisys:
    This is what is see (Table Format):
    Load | Min | Max
    +3.3v | 0.3A | 30A
    +5v | 1.0A | 38A
    +12v | 1.0A | 25A
    -5v | 0A | .5A
    -12V | 0A | .8A
    +5vsb | 0A | 2A
    Total Power: 400W
    Max Power: 550W
  2. Looks like your PSU is inadequate - not enough 12 volt power.

    Try a better PSU. Logisys is ranked as a Tier 5 PSU:
    Do not go lower than Tier 3.

    The symptoms you mention could point to an inadequate PSU:

    The system boots. You can enter the BIOS. At this point, you probably have the lowest load on the PSU. System starts loading Windows. The load on the 12 volt rail increases, then the 12 volt rail drops out. When the 12 volt rail drops below tolerance, you lose a control signal from the PSU called PowerOK. Losing this signal forces an automatic CPU reset. When that happens, the load on the PSU drops, the 12 volts comes back up. That brings up PowerOK and the PC boots. And the cycle repeats.
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