Playing games through a tv?

Hi I was wondering if it was possibile to play games from my computer to my tv screen and if so what kind of adapters I would need. Would a 320 8800gts be able to play through a 52" tv? (Sorry if this a dumb question i am just wondering if it would work or not).

EDIT>Oh and I would be playing games at 1280x1024, would that still look big or be like in the middle and the rest would be black?
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  1. if it has s-video (card and tv) then you should be able to do it, but the quality might suffer sinces televisions dont do resolution the same way pc monitors do.
  2. 8800'sa should come with component video cables that will broadcast in high res to an HDTV.
  3. As far as the resolutions supported or the connections used depends on the tv, not you're video card. A 52" should at least be 720p (1280x720), and if it isn't too old it probably has a VGA or an HDMI connection. This would probably be satisfactory unless it's an older DLP. DLP tv's have terribly slow refresh rates and won't game well.
  4. If you have an HDMI port on the TV you should be able to use a DVI to HDMI conversion dongle or cable.
  5. Component video cables (Y-Pb-Pr) can also broadcast at 1080 res.

    You don't need HDMI or DVI for that.
  6. As I started to read this post, I chuckled to myself. When I first got started in home computers, it was with a Commodore 64, and like my brother's Apple IIe, we used a TV screen at first. It seemed like a very happy day when computer monitors finally got around to delivering good color, this is, more the 8 or 16 colors. Now things are starting to swing back to the idea of using a TV screen instead of a dedicated monitor. What's that old saying, "The more things change, the more they stay the same"?

    Anyway, as Cleeve and others have said, yes its possible to use your TV if the TV is new enough and you have the proper outputs on your video card. I've done it myself a couple times, but I decided I liked the image displayed on my LCD computer monitor better. If anything, I tend to use my computer and its widescreen monitor to watch movies rather than to use my TV to play games. Just my opinion, and thanks for the nostalgic ride back to the past. Things sometimes seemed so much simpler then.
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