965 DS3 rev 2 works with new fsb1333 chips

Just letting everyone else with a rev 2 DS3 that they work with the new chips np. I installed a e6750 on my board last night, on boot it didn't detect the cpu correctly and threw some garbage on the screen so I went into the bios, the fsb was set to 100mhz, so I upped that to 333, and rebooted. Everything runs perfect, detects the cpu correctly no problems with anything. Just thought I'd let everyone know who was contemplating a move.

On a side note, I switched my my memory from running at 200 x 4 (I had a pentium D) to 667 to get a 1:1 ratio, and my performance index number in Vista went from a 5.4 to a 5.9. Thought it was funny since the RAM was running at a slower speed and didn't anticipate the 1:1 would make that great a difference. Or it could be the fsb increase? I'd imagine the 60% increase should be slightly noticeable.
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  1. i have a 965 s3 rev3.3....can it support e6750???
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