new gpu cooler high load temps, whats wrong?

Ive just finished installing my new Thermaltake Duorb for my 8800gtx. Before, when i was using the stock cooler my temps were around 75c idle, 85c load on the default fan speed. When i upped the speed to 80% it was around 66c idle 70-75c load or so, i cant remember the exact temps. Anyway, when i first turned the pc on (after id cut my finger by touching the duorb fan by mistake) the idle temp was 50c... which seems good enough, but then after playing WiC for about 5 mins i checked to see the temp had gone up to 90c. My only thought is that maybe u have to wear it in for a bit first to get the thermal compound to work properly? i used AS5 and spread a good thin layer on the HS. BTW the fans are running at full speed as they are plugged straight into the psu. Any ideas/suggestions?
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  1. forgot to mention, the card isnt overclocked at all.
  2. probably you have to wait for thermal paste to set in
  3. well after turning it off for a few hours, the temps have dropped a bit. load is now 85c. ?
  4. i tried re-applying the thermal paste but rather than doing a coating i just did a small line from top to bottom. still though, didnt change much- started at 50c idle, then i turned ati tool on and watched it slowly rise alll the way to 90c
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