Is this memory any good?

I am a n00b and don't really get the whole latency thing so if you can tell me which is better I'd appreciate it.

Patriot Extreme Performance PC2-6400 @ 5-5-5-12 2x2Gb
OCZ w/ Platinum Heatspreader @ 5-4-4-18

Basically what is the difference in the latancies?

Is 4-4-4-12 better than 5-5-5-12?

Sorry for being such a n00b. lol.
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  1. q6700
    p5n32-e 680i
    8800 gtx
    2x400gb baracuda hdd

    building a new box and been debating btw these two for a couple weeks
    im getting them from newegg ~240-270

    never could find a could guide describing cas - always seemed confusing, do u know any good threads describing it?
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