What program to use for 32 cores


have been using TMPGEnc Plus 2.5 for video encoding. This program seems outdated as it only uses ~7% of total power.

I have 2x Opteron 6272 and none of the programs I been checking for free or reasonable price are able to use more then 5-10% of power.

I have old i7 and this dual opteron beast. both encode 1 specific work in 2,5 hours :) Can you point me into some directions?

I been trying Cinema 4D and Maxwell's - does not suit my needs
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  1. did i just read that right? does your machine have 32 cores? the *** do you use all that power for?
  2. we use for video encoding. It works fine with Media Encoding from latest After Effects. 2 h 55 min job (i7-920) to 18 mins :)
  3. well ***, thats one beast of a machine, dont know what to say on the media encoding program though, i dont do much of it myself
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