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Hello, i have the same problem as xpelledsaint but when i' persay, got to safemode and the press f8 for more options some of them you can see what your computer is loadinf for the system but when it gets to the sptd.sys file is says it is loading then it restarts aoutomatically
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  1. try to use restore to last know good configuration or use xp cd to perform an repair operation in GUI not the recovery console with cmd prompt which is available at first..
  2. my son was playing on addictivegames when the puter shutdown and rebooted and then began to behave in the same manner. booting to normal mode caused a blue screen then reboot, booting in safe mode with command prompt, halted at sptd.sys then rebooted. last known good does not work.

    luckily i have a dual boot system and booted into linux to rename the sptd.sys file located at "C:\WINDOWS\systems32\drivers\sptd.sys"

    i rebooted and selected to boot Windows normally at i am know typing this in Windows just fine.

    not sure what is going on with that file and if addictivegames had anything to do with it in anyway. currently running virus scan (thats the other thing the anti-virus was temporarily disabled).

    you can google "linux liveusb" "linux livecd" or see http://www.pendrivelinux.com/crunchbang-linux-flash-drive-install-via-cd/

    and google "how to mount ntfs partitions under linux"

    you can rename a file by typing "mv sptd.sys _sptd_._sys"

    you do this in a terminal window within the Crunchbang liveusb/cd you would use the "Windows Key) + "t" combo ~ Crunchbang calls the Windows key the Superkey.

    best of luck.
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