Why can't my motherboard detect my PCI SCSI adapter/controller/hba?

I've tried the LSI 21320-IS on my other computers (all Dell) and it gets detected -- I know this because the LSI bios screen shows up during startup.

On my Gigabyte P35-DS3L all I get is: "disk boot failure, insert system disk and press enter"

I reflashed the LSI adapter with LSI 21320-R firmware, which according to other forum topics allows me to run this beast on non-dell systems (Fusion-MPT_IS_FW10327_BIOS_51101_FLASH_10304.zip at LSI website), but to no success.

Does anyone have any other ideas? Thanks for the help
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  1. DO you have more than one drive attached to the controller?

    I just had simular issues with two drives. I had to play with the jumper settings on the second drive to make it go to another ID
  2. Depending on the motherboard, the BIOS settings play a much larger part in booting configurations than one might think.

    The DS3L requires you to toggle the RAID option to SCSI, then it will boot.
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