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I'm new here but really need your help. I work with 3Dmax and PS cs2 and for gaming it's the Microsoft Flight Simulator. all these needs a lot of graphic power as you know. A year before I bought the BFG 7950 gx2 with 1Gb.
This card cost me about 800$.
A month ago it started working slower (in benchmarks it was half the power). As BFG gives lifetime guaranty I spoke with them and they told me that It's working on one GPU and I have to replace it.

I've sent my card to the shop for replacing, but they didn't have it in stock and after I didn't get any card in 3 weeks they offered me these replacments:

1. BFG 8800 640 GTS .
2. SAPPHIRE 2900 XT 512

My question is: Is it worth replacing my 7950 GX2 with one of these from the money point and more important
from the performance point. Or shall I ask the dealer for the 8800 GTX? I'm really confused here.(sorry for my english...)

Thank you very much for any advice.

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  1. I would give the 8800 a go, where I in your position.
  2. the 8800 GTS would be a very good replacement imo........ as would the 2900

    tough call..

    here, check this link:
  3. Either of those cards is good, sure. Ask if you can get an 8800 GTX and pay the difference from GTS 640.

    Flight Simulator is CPU-bound and it's got a patch some time ago to support quads properly. If you don't have a Q6600 or better you may want to upgrade the CPU.
  4. I second aevm's idea about paying the difference and getting a 8800gtx. That would be the route to go!
  5. Thanks for your replys.
    I really don't understand from the link blade85 gave, how come that
    from the 7950GX2 and up, there is only 1-2 fps difference playing
    the Flight Simulator X...
    It seems from it that most of the work is done by the CPU??? like aevm
    just said..
    But I need the card for 3DMAX too...
  6. Look, some time ago I was comparing 7800 GTX SLI with 8800 GTX SLI. Ther eare some benchmarks for SLI at Tom's. Guess what, they were identical in Flight Simulator. In Oblivion or other games the 8800 GTX SLI was 4 or 6 times better. Yeah, you need the best CPU you can afford if FSX is your favorite game.
  7. Be wary of using those tom's benchmarks because the drivers are old. For example, the ATI HD2900xt is much more competitive with the 8800 gts (and even gtx in some applications) with the improved drivers not used by Tom's. Since Flight Sim is CPU limited I would just go with the 2900xt, but if you prefer Nvidia, the 8800gts is a great card as well.
  8. I read somewhere that the HD2900XT was a bit better at CAD applications that the 8800 series. Forgot the details, sorry, I was totally not interested in CAD and it's been a while. I don't know if it matters for 3DMAX either.
  9. I second prodystopian. I have a 2900xt and throughout the summer, after each update I saw my card pass the performance of one of my friends EVGA 8800 GTS and is no closing in on my brother's 8800GTX. If you plan on hanging on to your card for a while, go with the 2900XT. If you are planing on upgrading to the 9000 series at the end of fall, get a EVGA as late a possible so hopefully the 90days will overlap the 9000 series release date.

    A little research shows that Autodesk has certified the 8800GTS as compatible with their product...that doesn't mean 3dsMAX compatibility, but it's a good start. Autodesk didn't have an entry for the Radeon HD2900XT, but the X1950 works, so I would suspect it would, as well.
  11. The HD2900XT is better the the 8800GTS with the most recent drivers so I would go with that one. The 8800GTX is still better yet, so if you could and wanted to pay the difference you would be fine.

    However, The HD2900XT is not a bad swap.
  12. So...maybe I'm a newb, here, but does this mean that BFG and SapphireTech are the same company?
  13. No, they're not. I think the OP had the PC built by a local shop and they are taking care of RMA issues for him. Very nice of them...
  14. Thank you all. You've been very helpfull.

    I think I'll go on the gtx. The difference in my country from the GTS to GTX is about 250$!! If they'll accept my offer for adding 125$ for the GTX - than it'll be my next card. If not I'll go for the 2900Xt...I hope it won't be a mistake..
  15. it shouldn't be.
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