New gaming rig!!Which PSU?

I am ordering tommorow

8800GTS or a 2900XT
havent decided which mobo yet,probably one with a I35 chipset
Crucial Ballistix 2gb 800mhz 4 4 4 12
Thermaltake Armor LCS (with watercooling)

How many watts do you think I need for all these?Can you recommend any good PSU's?
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  1. FSP, OCZ, Antec, etc. You will probably want to spend about $100 or so on the PSU (which should get a decent one from the previous stated manufacturers). I see your going to OC (I hope)? I would get the 8800gts 640mb version or the 2900xt. I don't have either <sobs>, but either would do fine. Buy the cheapest one of the 2.
  2. Starman,

    Go here and figure out how big a PSU you will need... don't just guess at it
  3. VERY happy with ThermalTake stuff, as strangestr says, get a 5-600W unless you know exactly what you plan to do, and ALWAYS CHECK THE AMPS ON THE 12V RAILS, MORE IS BETTER.
  4. I think im going for the Corsair 620,ive heard some good things about it.What do you think?
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