cooling for G0 stepping Q6600

I was wondering if this setup is good enough for cooling a stock G0 stepping Q6600:

Case: Antec Solo
fans: Antec Tri-cool 92mm (28-38cfm), SilenX 92mm (20cfm 'claimed'), Antec Tri-cool 120mm or Yate Loon 120mm (I have the option of either one, ? cfm)
Aftermarket cpu cooler: Thermalright Ultra 120 Extreme + Scythe S-FLEX SFF21F (68cfm)
Thermal Paste: Arctic Silver 5

I think this set up is sufficient for cooling and acceptable temps but I wanted to make sure first.

Is it sufficient for cooling the rest of the components, btw? 1 or 2 500 GB HDDs, 1 DVD burner, 400-520w PSU, 8600 GT or 2600 XT GPU... that's about it.
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  1. Eh...what exactly are you going to do with the processor? Leave it at stock? Overclock it? But the cooling you've provided for the CPU is more than sufficient to keep it cool even if you do overclock.

    As for the case fans, try to have 1 fan intake, and one or more outtake. If you have too much intake, that's bad, so try to have more outtake than intake. Also, if there's a place for a fan at the top of the case, then have that as outtake since hot air rises in your case.

    Other than that, your system should be pretty cool with what you've provided.
  2. Just for info

    Antec tri-cool 120mm

    Voltage 12V DC

    Speed 1200 RPM 1600 RPM 2000 RPM

    Airflow 39 CFM[low] 56 CFM[med] 79 CFM[high]

    Noise 25 dBA[low] 28 dBA[med] 30 dBA[high]

    At high speed it will be loud but moves allot of air. on low-med it is close to the yate loon fan anyway and you still have the option for more speed if it gets too hot.

    Yate Loon 120 mm Sleeve(keep it clean and it should last) bearing fan
    CFM: 47
    dB: 28

    If your in for super quiet the yate loon should do the trick and is on sale(i get mine from $1.50 to $2.00 CAD per fan :) ) all the time @ for the special sale price of 1.50$ CAD :) ) and 6$ no sale)

    Now for the front the 2 SilenX 90's will pull a top of 40 cfm and the rear will pump out about 47cfm giving you more out(exhaust) then in(intake). This is a good thing as it will force some extra air to be drawn into the vents down by the expansion cards giving you some extra cooling for your video card

    the psu will add some more exhaust to the case as well

    If you are looking for cool, then get all antec fans(set em to high) as they can move more air.

    If your in for even more cooling try the Antec 900 case its big and cool. but not as quiet as solo(fans on low, but there are more fans and there by more noise. and not noise dampening on the front panel)....
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