Laptop overheating while gaming. need advice, URGENT!!

the problem often, no, always happens when im playing medieval total war 2. the laptop is a presario CQ60 it has an intel pentium 2GHZ procesor, 2GB ram, and no sepreate GPU. the laptop surpasses the level of hardware needed to play the game and it is compatible with vista. for a while when i first got the game it played perfectly albiet on low settings. but i noticed it made the laptop overheat, probably because of the computing power the laptop had to use. now everytime i play, the game stutters. is this because of the over heating? i once fried a gpu on an other laptop through constant gaming, should i stop using the laptop for gaming? or should i just over clock it so the mobo and processors run faster? :??: :??:

thanks for any help
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