two 500gb wd hard drives.. what do i do with them??

ok i ended up somehow getting 2 500 gig hard drives when buying my computer... (sales person convinced me..sigh) so what exactly should i do with them>? Raid 0 or keep one as a storage drive and the other as my main os drive etc??
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  1. Return one if you dont need it. Then punch the sales person in the face for ME for being an ******* trying to make money IF you dont need it
  2. Return BOTh and get 2x 160/250 drives.
  3. First off, figure out how much space you used of the hard drive of your last computer, and if you think you will need a lot more space. Point is, if you used 400 gig before, then having the two 500 gig drives might be worthwhile. But if you were only using around 250 gig, then two 500 gig drives are a waste.

    That said, if its too much, try to return the extra drive if possible. But I wouldn't complain too much about the salesman, as it is your responsibility in the first place to say no to what you don't need. If you intend to keep both drives, I'd use the first drive for the OS and games, and use the second drive for data. That way if you ever have to reinstall the OS, you don't loose you data.
  4. No, the sales people TAKE ADVANTGE of people who do not know much about w/e it is. How would you like to be taken advantage of? If I were you I would go back and **** knock the person out, but anyways Sailer is right. Find out how much you used before then see if its worth it. It may even be better to return the extra 500 then buy a smaller size HDD if you need it. Or do what nhobo said.
  5. ^isn't the point on being the Forum is to learn more so you can ignore the sale people and DIY?
  6. Start archiving your DvDs to your 2 500G HDDs like this:
  7. pro wiggles
  8. roadrunner197069 said:
    Start archiving your DvDs to your 2 500G HDDs like this:


    350 movies and a lot more to come.
  9. lol wiggles. the next beatles.
  10. i do know what im talking about but i was tired.. (10 am...) and i didnt really want the computer at the time.. but i went ahead anyways and idk **** it seemed like a good idea at the time but whatever.. sigh.. i originally just had a single 750 gig hard drive.. but looking back i would have liked to get a wd raptor x and a 500 gig hard drive... sigh

    and i cant return it.. or i can but there is a 15% restocking fee which is bull **** (from NCIX)
  11. raid 0?
  12. teh_boxzor said:
    raid 0?

    raid 0 and the other for backup
  13. As Sailer said, one 500GB for OS, the other for data is the logical option.
  14. hmm...i woudn't use the 500gb for the OS, 7200 rpm? not that fast, espesholly if ur gonna put more data on it, it'll slow down ur boot time/OS in performance...if it was me, and u dindt need the extra space, u could always sell it and get some money back and go for the WD raptor for the OS, and keep the other one for storage...personally thats what im doing, im getting a raptor 150gb for my OS, and two WD AAKS 500gb for storage = 1tb :] my $.02
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