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Ok i have my q6600 b3 oced to 400 x 8 (3.2ghz) and i have it set to 1.3875v, after about 20 minutes of prime95 my computer will begin to lockup. I tried increasing voltage to 1.3975v but the same problem persists at the same time. My question is why cant i get my cpu stable even after increasing voltage? Its peaking at about 62c. My ram is corsair xms2 ddr2 800 5-5-5-12 @ 1000 mhz 5-5-5-12 2.10v. Will i ever notice freezing during games, i know that games do not stress as much as prime 95. Basically i really want 3.2ghz and im not sure if it will affect games since they dont stress the cpu as much.
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  1. 62c is fine. i dont know if you'll ever freeze until you actully freeze
  2. Have you tried going above 1.39?
  3. Try FSB 366 with 9 multiplier, 1098 memory. I can do this with Vcore < 1.3
  4. Try bumping up the North Bridge Voltage.
  5. Yash - What Cnu said: Running the FSB at 400 is nearly a 50% overclock and that's going to take a little more juice. Bump it up a notch. If that doesn't help go a little further, but only 1 notch at a time. Test in between. If that gets you stable, and I suspect it may, then you can think about bringing the Proc back down some.
  6. Vcore increase, lower RAM ratio perhaps to 1:1 and as cnumartyr said try increasing chipset volts

    B3s love vcore

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