Just overclocked my Opteron 180

Hey guys I am looking for input or recommendations on what i have done so far with my Opteron 180. Is there anything that i should change or something to that effect or does everything look ok?

thanks guys

Heres what i got so far
242 x 12 = 2904 MHz
HT mutiplyer is 4x which = 968 HT bus frequency
memory bus frequency is 401

My system is...
Opteron 180 @ 2.9
MSI K8N Neo4 - Platiunum
1 gig valueselect RAM
evga 8800GT KO
OCZ gamexstream 700W
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  1. I think it looks good. & 2.9 is a high o/c for opty.
  2. Nice OC
  3. good overclock

    did you run prime 95 for a few hours to check the temperatures at full load?
  4. i ran a program called cpu burn-in for 2 hours.
    and i have gamed on it for quite a few hours, no instability at all. highest temp i had under load was 47

    I am pretty proud since this is my first OC. I don't post much but i read alot so thanks for all the help i have gotten from you guys.
  5. i read alot

    You will get very far just by doing that. Some don't even read the stickies.
  6. here is a screen shot of cpu-z

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