SAGTA HDD is recognized as SCSI?

I am helping my brother in law out trying to do a non destructive repair using the installation disc. When we went through all the steps and got to the section that shows the hard drives it does not recognize the hard drive and won't let us do a repair. If we wanted to do a clean install it still would not recognize the hdd.
I decided to check bios and see what was recognized and in the hdd section it showed that the hdd was a SCSI. It is not a SCSI drive. We checked PC Wizard 2008 and it showed SCSI. All the places show that it is a SCSI. What is causing this? It is not a SCSI drive but a SATA drive. Can anyone tell me what has happened?
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  1. This is normal. You need to install the device driver for the motherboard's SATA controller.
    You need the driver disk that came with your motherboard, or the drive.
    When you start your Windows install, you will see the "Press F6 if you need to install a 3rd party device driver". Insert the disk, select the correct driver for your SATA controller, Windows will install the driver, the drive will then be detected by Windows, and continue with the install.
  2. Yep, you are right. 'That's all it need. Hit F6 and use the floppy to install the drivers. Then after the repair we had to do I went to get some updates from microsoft and it keeps on saying update failed.
  3. what is? if the installation is from SCSI hard drive from the begining with out OP system installed, Thr SCSI hard drive is the only one
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