Matshita DVD RAM UJ-850S will not read vob files

I have been having intermittent problems playing videos using wmp, some play some dont. i assumed it was the website, I used nero to make some copies of a home video the other day and it worked fine. then when I tried to play another dvd from the same person, it would not play copy, nothing. and now i cannot even play the previous dvd, all that comes up on the auto play is nero encoder program. I did try to recode it and then play it, it will not play.. fact now all dvd programs on my laptop will not play these dvds. I have not tried a comercial dvd to see if it plays. I am now performing a scan from driver wiz to see what they come up with. I have been all day trying to fix this. I also performed two system restores back to the 4th of this month, to no avail. any ideas
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  1. Can you open the DVD and see the files on them? Does the laptop see the disks at all? Put down the exact steps you are doing and any messages you get?

    You need to try a different disk in the laptop, and also try those disks on another computer.
  2. yes I can open the files and see them all, even on the c drive.
    first I put in a dvd (that was recorded) and nothing happens, used to get auto play, now nothing, I open windows explore, and double click on the D drive. and pick the dvd files and wmp opens and gives and error of " encountered a problem and cannot play" and either close or use web to solve issue, an I click web and get this site: I have gone thru all the trobleshooting in this site, nothing has worked.

    when I have put several types of dvds in and none of them work, the files are there I also put in a comercialy produced dvd in and it will not play either, the auto play will not come up either with dvds, but music cds do and also play from the computer, I even tried to use nero recoder and copy to the computer and try to play them, no work. but all the files are there. even videos on the laptop will not play now. and if i try to copy a dvd to another dvd, which is what i was doing orginaly, I made 25 copies of a dvd for a friend and that worked. but when I tryed to copy another dvd it would copy the dvd, but when i put in a new disc, it kept telling me to put in a valid dvd, these were brand new dvds the excact kind and brand I was already using. I am now trying to use a external dvd player to see if that works. when I tried to load the dvd in the external drive, I got this error message. "Windows Media Player was not closed properly. A damaged or incompatible plug-in might have caused the problem to occur. As a precaution, all optional plug-ins have been disabled." which I have not gotten before. the errors I got before were something to do with sound issues, I dont have the error code right at the moment. I now tried to put in a commercialy produced dvd, and It says it is an invalid dvd. I put in several dvds from the set and the same thing. I does shoe the files though in explore.
  3. the other error messase went to this website: You've encountered error message C00D0FD6 while using Windows Media Player. I went through this and I have no plugins added for video.
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  5. thank you, I am downloading now and will advise if it works.

    this is free and also plays vob files!
  7. I downloaded the first link you sent, and it plays the dvd's I am now downloading the second one to seewhich I like better, thank you so much. I also downloaded a codes link to see if the updated codes would make my other dvd players work and it did not. all my software does not work including nero, window live, media player

    this player does not work for my dvd's. but the " videolan works
  9. Cool glad i could help!
  10. SR-71 Blackbird said:
    Cool glad i could help!

    now all I have to do is see if can now record dvd's. cuz that also quit working. will advice, thanks all for your help, at least I can now view my daughters basketball games.
  11. vote best answer if i helped!
  12. your are the best of what I got, althought it did not fix all my problems, I did solve it how ever, I ran regcure, which I suscribed to back in feb. 20010, but lost the download. redownloaded and I had the registration key, ran it and it fixed all the problems including screensaver and all my dvd programs now work as the used to. not sure what caused all the corruptions, but is it solved, thank you to all who contributited .
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