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I do web development and have VMware Server running permanently in the background with Ubuntu linux running so I have easy LAMP access. My host system runs on Windows XP professional corporate and I frequently run several of the Adobe CS3 applications mainly as Dreamweaver CS3 and Photoshop CS3. I can say that whenever my computer is switched on, all three of those apps are 99% likely to be running.

My question is I would like to buy a processor which will best suit my needs for multitasking. I have looked at some benchmarks and noticed that the quad cores only just pip some of the dual's with the same clock speed when the software is optimised to take advantage of the hardware. I would hate to go buy a quad core expensive processor only to find that restrictions in my OS/Applications would not utilise the power of the extra cores.

Can windows XP Pro Corp/Adobe CS3 Suite actually utilise the extra cores to a degree worth spending all that extra money on? Money is not particularly the object, i would just like to buy a processor which best suits my needs and would be utilised to its maximum potential.

Any advice would be much appreciated.
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  1. Right now the best multitasking CPU is QXXXX from Intel. Yes, XP will see the four cores and you can always set which core an app runs on. If you go to Virtual Server you have a finer grained control of VM properties.

    And it's FREE.
  2. much appreciated.
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