q6600 o/cing

hey, guys

i was thinking and i am going to burn-in my cpu at 3.0ghz Fsb 1333

here is my setup

Thermaltake Armor series 8000
Thermaltake Toughpower Cable Management 700W
Asus P5K-V
Intel Q6600 G0
Zalman 9500
Cosair XMS 2 DDR800 2x2GB
PowerColor 1950Pro X2 Cooler

I am using Pc Probe II/Pc Wizard 2008/AI Suite/SpeedFan

my temps are as followed.

Running Prime95

Underload 4 cores %100

Cpu temp 45-46-47c
Core 1 57c
Core 2 55c
Core 3 52c
Core 4 52c

Vcore is from 1.28 idea and 1.216. load

sytem 35c

I was reading the guide and i look like i am in Cool/Safe in the middle

Thanks to CompuTronix

so what else can i play with. that will make it run faster lol. and i am enjoying it until i burn something up. but i will not let that happend if i can.

my ram timings

Freq 400.7
FSB: Dram 5:6
Cas# 5.0
Ras# to Cas# 5
Cycle time 18

Command Rate 2T

Thanks let me know how bad i did :p
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  1. ya did great better then i ever do. load temps are under 60 ram timings could still be worked out. push for 3.2 man
  2. yeah. i was trying out vcore lowering it slowly but. it did not work to well so i left it at stock. just trying to drop the temps like a few C's here and there
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