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The PWR LED connector for my Centurion 534 are the two 1-pin connectors labeled + / - (Green / White wire) right? Well my GA-P35-DS3R has a 3 pin PWR Led I believe.

I believe what I have circled is the LED port for the power switch. This is my first time building a computer so how am I supposed to connect two pins to it?
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  1. Some MBs have a 3 pin and a 2 pin connector. I'm not familiar with your board, but do you have the 3 pin connector circled and the two pin alternative is at 90 degrees to the right looking at your picture?
  2. Yeah the one I have circled is the 3-pin PWR LED connector, according to the manual I think the 2-pin connector beside it is for detecting if the chassis side panel is removed

    I believe maybe the 2-pin alternative is the yellow connector to the immediate left. It labeled "MSG" according to the chart below it (or above according to the perspective of the picture I posted in my last post)

    The manual for the motherboard says that the MSG is to be "connected to the power status indicator on the chassis front panel". I assume that means it is the PWR LED?
  3. Look at your manual. 2 of those pins are probably - and one is +, or the middle one is not used. I can never remember but I think the white wire is + and the green one is -. plug it in thusly. one pin doesn't need to be hooked up.
  4. Sounds right. try MSG.
  5. don't try msg, that's something else. I think it allows dual color LEDs to display stuff like yellow=hibernating/standby, green is shutdown but waiting for WOL signal or whatever...

    well, I guess, you *could* use it but it's not what you;re really looking for.
  6. oh, and since you've got a good case, with the power LED wire set up as two individual molex, instead of 2 wires in a 3 position molex, you can utilize either the 3pin or 2pin header. won't make a difference.
  7. Thanks for the help guys

    Here is a print screen from the manual..I also pasted the description about the "MSG" header

    So I assume that since both Pin No. 2 & 3 have the same definition that I can just plug the negative molex into either of them and it should work correctly?
  8. I agree. I read it the same way.
  9. help I have the problem, and have no idea where to put the wires that says + and - on them
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