8 mb v's 16mb cashe

Is there much of a difference (generaly) in performance :sleep: with SATA II HD's in the comparison between 8mb version and 16mb when gaming, thanks :wahoo:
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  1. cash, or cache :)
  2. cash of course :pfff:
  3. Not much, but I've never seen anything either way. The higher amount of cache memory, the longer it can hold the burst transfer rate. If you are trying to copy several small files, the larger cache will help speed it up some. If however you are trying to copy large files, both drives will drop down in transfer speed. If you are going to read a file that is 8MBs, then both drives should be the same. (assuming identical drives, just different cache size.) If you are reading something that is 14MBs, then the one with the larger cache will probably be a bit faster. Once you are trying to read a 100MB file, then the difference between them is pretty much nothing.

    At least thats how it was with 2MB vs 8Mb drives, if my memory serves.
  4. Thanks that's what i needed to know.

    The 8mb drives are cheaper around $20 or more.

    When i build a PC, it is surprising how much i can save$ on all components.

    The total price is considerably cheaper without skimping on performance - as long as decent CPU's and graphic cards are fitted, ie, C2D E6750, etc.
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