Help with my new gaming rig 1200-1400 dollar budget (CAD)

Hi, I am looking to buid a new PC in December. Although I am no slouch when it comes to general computer knowledge I am really indecisive on which CPU and GPU would be best for me. I have obsessed over benchmarks and comparisons for the past few days and each chart I see just makes me even more undecided, the question of Do I splurge on the Core 2 Duo, will it really give me that much of a boost over the AMD processors, any and all help in this section will be GREATLY appreciated.

Second is GPU, I currently have a eVga nvidia Geforce 7900GS 256mb pcie which I am in love with but I have been trying to look at the horizon and what is just over it for DX10 cards and I dont know what is there should I buy a new graphics card even though none of the ATI HD or Nvidia 8800s can play DX10 at a decent frame.

I shop at (I am Canadian) post your possible builds for me and answering any of my questions would be appreciated, my budget is 1400 thank you.
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  1. Personally as a fellow canadian i wouldn't shop at tigerdirect because of their ridiculous shipping charges. The new pc I'm building I'm buying retail from Canada Computers. If I had to buy online I'd likely go with or over tigerdirect. Tigerdirect's still charging like 500+ for the q6600 which is outrageous
  2. has some very good prices too. Free ground shipping on everything if your order is > 300$ and < 100lbs, that's pretty nice. and are your friends. :)

    Personally for the CPU I'd go for the E6750... and since you already have a more than decent graphics card, I'd wait for the Geforce 92 (or something like that) series to come out.
  3. My advice for a Canadian buyer, is to check out before making a purchase from an e-tailer. It's a great place to look for deals.

    Personally I've preferred NCIX over others but Anitec and DirectCanada are also at the top of the list. With TigerDirect, look out for high shipping charges (already mentioned) and their MIR's (Almost a guarantee that you'll never get it). IMO, Only buy from TD if it's an amazing deal (not counting MIR's) and with shipping it's cheaper than other e-tailers.

    What is your stance on overclocking? A C2D will really shine w/ regards to overclocking(got my E4400 from 2 to 3Ghz with lower Vcore and on stock heatsink, runs cool and 24hr 2x orthos stable). Agreed with sticking w/ current vid card and waiting for the next gen of cards to arrive.

  4. E6750 Core 2 Duo is an awesome buy right now from a bunch of places for just over 200. Very easy to overclock quite a bit. Should last awhile also.
  5. Makes sense to me, does anyone know how long Intel will be using the 775 socket, also guesstimates on the time the next Nvidia gpu will drop and its expected price range at launch. Thank you for all the help so far!

    *edit* Is that a decent deal, I could get the E6750 and a decent mobo for less at anitec but I dont mind spending the extra 100 or so on a Quadcore.
  6. I mentioned that above the q6600 at tigerdirect is extremely overpriced it should cost approximately $330 canadian. I'm telling you man, use the sites mentioned above and not tigerdirect, you're only hurting yourself.
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