GPU Fan issue with Vista Standby modes

Just thought I'd post and see if anybody's experienced a similar problem to me and/or found a workaround...

Since driver 162.22 for Vista x86, I've been having a problem that my GPU fan goes into hyperdrive (i.e. 100%, which is very very noisy) whenever I resume from either S3 (suspend-to-RAM) or S4 (hibernate) standby. This can be corrected by entering the NVidia control panel with NTune installed and going to the fan control and setting it back to automatic fan control (it sets itself to direct fan control). I have temporarily fixed the issue by reverting to the 158.24 driver release, but this has its own issues in that it results in some minor, but irritating, stuttering in Thief: Deadly Shadows.

I've tried to report the issue to NVidia, but they don't seem to want to listen. Is anyone else suffering this problem? And does anybody know of a workaround? (even if it involves writing a batch script to run on resume from standby to shut it up!)

My (relevant) specs for reference:

GPU: MSI Geforce 7900 GTO 512MB (it's of the same construction as a GTX, but the memory has lower, i.e. faster, latencies and is clocked slower)
MB: Gigabyte 965P-DS4 (rev. 1), problem exists with both F9 and F10 BIOS
OS: Vista Home Premium x86

Just thought I'd ask... :)
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  1. LOL... I guess I get to bring back a dead thread... not sure if it will do any good, but I have the same problem. Whenever my system wakes from either standby or hibernate in either XP, XP x64, or Vista x64 the graphics card defaults to 100% fan speed. I have an eVGA 7800GT CO and first noticed the problem with about the same driver revision (16x.xx). I have experienced the problem on my current A8R-32 MVP as well as my old ECS NF4 board. Personally I find it moderately annoying. since I use hibernate a lot. Not sure if it is a related problem but my computer refuses to wake from standby (S3). It powers up but then just sits there with a black screen.

  2. Oh, I've been using RivaTuner to get the fan back to normal speed since its a bit quicker to launch and navigate to than nTune.

  3. There seem to be quite a few people on the NVidia forum talking about problems with this. Annoyingly, the issue still exists, but I did make my own automatic way of getting the fan to spin down again (though there is a small delay, so the noise is still there for a few moments after resume). For anybody who might find this useful, I've posted it at
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