Not assess my control panel

After updating my windows XP to service pack 2 I canot assess my control panneland the Windows fire wall
Can anybody help me to resolve this problem
Now I canot Install any anti virus programme too
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  1. Sounds very suspicious. Did you run a virus scan before you updated to SP2?

    The symptoms sound like some malware might have been present. You didn't do the SP upgrade because of malware did you?

    Try downloading, installing and running Malwarebytes' Anti-Malware (free version):

    Malware might not be the cause but it is the best place to start looking.

    You should upgrade to SP3 as it is most stable, but not before you iron out the existing problems first.

    Let us know is Malwarebytes gives you a clean bill of health and / or if the problems still exist afterwards.
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