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i had a similar topic in a another thread but i want to start a fresh one:
i overclocked my 8800gt and 650/1900 and everything worked.
i started crysis and i get white dots all over the trees. (i return the speeds to the default now)
did that happened because i overclocked?
i tried :UT3,HL:EP2,Portal and 3DMark 06 and 05 and they all have no white dots whatsoever.
how do i fix this?
i tried reinstalling the game and tried the beta driver and the stable one and the white dots persist.
please help!
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  1. it's the game... no idea what could be wrong.
  2. how do you know its the game?
    i really need to know if this is the card!
  3. you can tell its the game because the dots don't apear in any other game. I cannot be the card because it would shut down or throttle before it let itself get hot enough to fry itself that fast. If ocing was going to fry your card it does it slowly not over the span of 2 seconds. Did you do anything else that could cause the dots? Something else could be the matter.
  4. Also, did you jack the speeds straight up to 650/1900 or did you do it gradely? You didn't try any volt mods or flashing did you?
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