Samsung Spinpoint problem, or not?

One week ago, a SAMSUNG Spinpoint F1 HD103UJ 1TB drive was installed as a slave in my HP system. From the first moment, it has had the following sequence occur every 10 minutes or so:

a single click, the drive LED illuminates, there is a brief deep "whirling" sound, then another single click. This repeats 3-5 times before lying dormant another 10 minutes.

Is this a possible defect or could it be a normal feature of this drive? I have not received any error messages and system diagnostic revealed no problems.

Any thoughts on what might be going on?
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  1. Generally not a good sign with hdd start making weird noises. You could run the diagnostic/repair software from Samsung but if it's a mechanical problem, it may not show anything. I'd replace it unless this is a know issue with that particular drive
  2. does anyone know if this is an issue or feature of the drive by now?

    i recently purchased a spinpoint f3 1 tb hdd and i notice every 20 minutes or so it will make a "clunk" noise, followed by a revving up sound, then it will go idle and start again.. is this normal? or should i rma it ?
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