Cheapest PSU for this setup?

Opteron 165 overclocked
4 x DDR Dimms
3 x 7200rpm HDDs
2 x DVD drives
7600gt (probably replace with x1950xt or 8800gts 320 soon).

I see has the Corsair 520watt for $90 after a $10 rebate.

Or would something like this fit the bill:
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  1. if you werent looking at upgrading the GPU i would think the FSP group would do the job, the system you have there is not a power drainer by any means... FSP make decent stuff at a good price
  2. How about if I upgraded to the x1950xt, would you still recommend the FSP? Or would even the x1950xt require a PSU of the Corsairs caliber?
  3. If you were moving to the x1950xt or the 8800gts i would recommend getting the corsair.
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