Where did I go wrong? E6850 OC on Asus P5K3

Okay, so I tried pushing my FSB to 400MHz, something that this board and Proc should do very easily but it didn't. The system go through the BIOS and POST with no problem, it froze when windows started to load.

The system is as follows:
Asus P5K3 Deluxe MoBo - Default is 333MHz FSB
C2D E6850 - 3.0GHz Default (Attempted 3.6Ghz)
2GB Corsair DDR3 - 1333MHz RAM
Not that it matters:
Radeon X1600
Seagate 320GB
Win XP
and plenty of case fans (4)

So these are the settings that I basically changed in the bios

JumperFree Configuration:
AI OCing - Manual
CPU Ratio Control - Manual
Ratio CMOS Setting - 9
FSB Strap to NB - Auto
FSB Frequency - 400
PCIE Freq - 100
DRAM Frequency - 1333MHZ
DRAM Command Rate - 2T
DRAM Timing Control - 9-9-9-24 (the default for the RAM)

CPU Voltage - I tried between 1.38 and 4.2 just to see if it would work
CPU Voltage Reference - Auto
CPU Voltage Damper - Enabled
CPU PLL Voltage - Auto
DRAM Voltage - Auto

Pretty much everything else was on Auto
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  1. UPDATE:

    I changed the DRAM Freq to DDR3- 800 just for laughs and giggles to see how it would perform at a 1:2 ratio. It booted windows fine. When I ran ORTHOS it just died on me a few minutes in. The settings were exactly the same as above except the RAM and the CPU Voltage was set to 1.38
  2. Have your tried lower OCs ? like 3.2 ?
    Dont Push your CPU very fast , OC it by adding a little FSB everytime (add 10 or 20 to FSB everytime to see if its stable or not )
  3. 3.2GHz is running pretty stable right now. Using the BIOS AI NOS I had it up to 3.4 but I want to be able to get it manually.

    If you work up to a speed will it be more stable? For example, you try to start off getting 3.6GHz and you fail but it works when you push up to it in little increments.
  4. I would definitely NOT go straight in at the higher clock speeds. For my e6400 i go up 17mhz and boot and test in orthos before adding more.

    I would try use ddr3-800 with a clock of 400x9, or ddr3-1200
  5. I have a intel E6850 and have been trying to OC it, but I was told that these are clock locked??? is this true?
  6. I'm at 3.2GHz stable but I don't have time right now to get it higher, Crysis is running great on it.

    The multipliers are locked on the E6850 (They are only unlocked on some extreme versions) but you can still OC the FSB to raise CPU speed, that is unless you have a mobo with a locked FSB too.
  7. MMM, I am using an Gigabyte p35-DQ6, but when I change the FSb, it makes no difference to the CPU speed at all, any ideas?
  8. Try updating the bios? Might have been revised and fixed, I dunno dont have gigabyte.
  9. i have the lates current one, only neweron is a beta
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