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Is avg or norton better?

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  1. AVG is also antivirus. I personally hate Norton products; when I purchase a PC preloaded with Norton I quickly remove it and install AVG.
  2. I run norton internet security 2012 on all 3 of my rigs and it's low on resources and scans has a great deal
  3. I would go for the Norton 2012. The 2012 is low on resources and it has a good detection rate.
  4. BTW, u can use a free solution too.

    U can use free Avast along with free Malwarebytes and Comodo Firewall that is free, but got great results in defending your PC. And u can configure it to your satisfaction with ease.
    Avast! -- Free Antivirus
    Malwarebytes Anti-Malware -- helps you defeat Malware once and for all
    SUPERAntiSpyware -- Advanced Detection and Removal
    Comodo Internet Security -- The best free Firewall
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    AVG for me. Have only ever had Norton once and never again. I am sure improvements have been made in the last 4 years but I still prefer AVG. It is what you need and no more, not full of rubbish. For example I use Google chrome instead of IE for the same reason. Google surfs web pages and has useful tool-bar applications that I may have if I wish. But they are not forced on me. Whereas IE is full of unnecessary crap!
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