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So i was using the gigabyte OC sofware , easy tune 5. I tried upping my cpu clock to about 3ghz (e6400 im using). And the voltage to 1.34, i click apply and my computer just shuts off. Now i try to start it up again and wtf it turns on then it keeps rebooting continuously(nothing shows up on screen... I checked if my cpu fan is wrking but it doesent start up unless i pull the cable thats connect right beneath processor called ATX 12v? Still nothing shows up onscreen though... Mother board is a gigabyte ds3 btw. 4 gigs of ddr2 pc6400 , e6400, 8800GT 512, hiper 580 watt psu. How can i figure out the source of the problem so if i burned anything out i can just replace it my cpu or ram or graphic card? ( I hope not cus its brand new just got 2 days ago).

I just tweaked something small to see if it worked on that stupid program and look wat happens -_- Any OC'ers out there know wat to do if this problem arises? Thanks..
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  1. Find the manual and find the jumper to clear the CMOS (Resets all BIOS settings to stock). Honestly.. I hated Easy Tune when I had a Gigabyte Mobo... I used the BIOS (as I do on most motherboards).
  2. Um is it the 2 pins near the battery? I dunno the manual says to "short" the two pins... I tried taking out the battery for an hour then putting it back in and the pc still does the same thing. It boots up (nothing on screen yet) fans are turning then the it shuts off and it automatically turns back on then off... repeat.
  3. If the manual said "short the two pins" then short them with a jumper. Don't do something who are not recommended in the manual such taking out battery. Gigabyte mobo has a virtual BIOS or even a dual BIOS, if you're taking out battery the backup BIOS won't get reset.

    If you want to OC, better do it in BIOS MIT. Read your manual how to go inside MIT, usually ctrl-F1.

    If you want to use ET5, read the manual how to use it. You need to enable the CIA in BIOS and make sure that your RAM, CPU and GPU can handle the on-the-fly frequency change.
  4. Ok i tried shorting the pins with the jumpers however the same problem still occurs. I'm betting on either my mobo or cpu frying, However i cant be too sure on which to replace , so any way to test out which is defective other than taking out the cpu and testing on another machine? I can't believe a simple OC on that stupid program would destroy a part. Especially a program the motherboard manufacturer provides.
  5. Remove HDD, CD/DVD ROM, USB devices. Let Mobo, RAM and GPU, reset your BIOS and start your system.
    If you have 2 sticks of RAM, remove one stick. Let PC start.
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