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Good Evening, Need help and or advice about Wireless N Routers...
Here is my situation, I want to buy either Netgear WRN834 B Wireless N router or Linksys WRT160 N Router.
My needs are, I have 2nd computer about 45 feet away, I have a 30mb Internet Connection, I currently have WRT54G Linksys, best i can get out of it over distance is 15-17mb speed, My question is with either of the Routers above reach full 30mb ish speed across 45 feet, I know ill have to buy a Wireless N receiver too, They have both of these models at local store here, Please any advice would be great appreciated, I want to buy them tonight, Thanks in Advance, JMT :na:
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  1. Anyone Please, need info in a timely manor thank you...
  2. i have the wrt160n router in my closet downstairs and get excellent signal strength all around my house(even upstairs) using g cards. Im trying to found out what n cards will give me the best n speeds atm. But the wrt160n has an expanded range on it so that helps
  3. I am using the WRT160N router too just got it, i set it to broadcast G, I have a 30mb wired connection and a G receiver, best it could do is 18mb across 60 feet, i then bought a WUSB600N receiver and broadcast in N only, Now i get at least full 30mb across my entire house, I would highly recommend the linksys receiver, Shark
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