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My SB61G2 does not recognize the drives any longer. I tried the CMOS reset, and also substituted a new ATX power supply, with no change. Bios is fine, believe cpu and ram are okay, so the motherboard is implicated. How do I go about getting a replacment board? I contacted Shuttle by their form, but got no reply. Hope someone sees this as this forum doesn't seem too lively!
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  1. Try replacing hard drive cables.

    To order a new mobo, try actually calling Shuttle. Beware though they will charge you as much as if not more than a new barebone.

    Shuttle is supposed to start offering upgradeable mobos for the P and G-series soon, but it hasnt happened yet.
  2. I got a replacement Motherboard by simply calling Shuttle and asking for one
  3. Actually I have a few for sale at non- shuttle prices they are on the UK ebay site I have s462 754 and 939 motherboards of various types just do a search my sellerid is ps7423 if you quote this email then there's 10% off and I post worldwide :) . I must have about 80 working ones I should think but I do find that about 40% of the non working ones work with a new BIOS chip.... how sure are you that the BIOS is working?
  4. I need an FG33 motherboard, for an SG33G5. The CPU socket on the one I have is screwed up--that's what you get with an open box unit, I guess. How much would you charge for a replacement? -- Steve
  5. Hi

    I need a new motherboard to my Shuttle SB86i, I think that the motherboars is called FB86

    Please help me !

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