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I have an IDE hard disk from my old system and I am hoping to recover some data from it. I have attached it to my new system as a slave drive to my DVD drive. My primary hard disk is SATA. When I boot up I get the blue screen with the error Page File in Non-Paged area and the system then resets itself. I believe the old hard disk may have other problems with the file system, but all I want to do is get into windows and try and use a data recovery software on it. Please can somebody help?
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  1. Sounds like your system is attempting to boot from the old drive. Go into your BIOS and check to make sure the SATA drive is set as the boot drive.
  2. Get yourself one of these adapters. They work great for recovering data from crashed HDD.

  3. I've been into BIOS and checked, it is definately booting up from the SATA drive.
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