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Travel abroad, can I count on this application?

Last response: in Social Networking
April 27, 2012 5:54:59 AM

:pt1cable:  Hi. I’m going to Japan for sightseeing. My brother presented me translation software called iStone runs on my iPhone. He said it could help me. I can’t speak Japanese, and I’m worrying about it. Is this little software good enough for me to enjoy my trip? Does anyone knows about it or do you have any other suggestions? Expecting your advice, this is my first time to go abroad, you know, I’m a little nervous.
April 27, 2012 9:10:51 AM

I've never used that software, but I spent 3 weeks in spain (speaking only a little spanish) and got around fantastically using Google Translate.

Not sure about iStone, but Google Translate will rely heavily on data. So if you don't have a good roaming plan, it will cost you a lot in roaming data fees. But if you get a SIM card with data attached in Japan (local number and all) that's probably the cheapest way. I suspect iStone would use data too (unless the download is huge).
Have fun in Japan! Always wanted to go, and hoping to get there later this year. :) 
April 28, 2012 3:27:01 AM

Thanks psaus. Your suggestion is very helpful. But I'm not going to get a Japanese number. IStone would not use data and I think I'll keep it. Your experience to Spain is really encouraging. Thanks very much.