E6750 at 533mhz for PC2-8500 ram?

I know i should have done my research a bit better when it came to buying RAM.. but.. i didnt and now im curious as to how i can best use it!

I've managed to get the FSB to 502 x6 with a slight increase to voltage but gets unstable after a few hours (blue screen). It feels like it should be able to run this with a bit more tweaking coz its as steady as a rock at 470 x8 with load temps of around 30 (and thats with the ram and gfx card juiced up too). Is there something else i should be nudging up to gain more stability? or am i wasiting my time?
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  1. Will the RAM run at 600 MHz 5-5-5-15 or 18? :D

    If so.. I'd run 500x7 with a 1.2 multiplier.

    Otherwise.. try bumping the NB up.
  2. I think having the fsb up that high is a bit dodgy. I would stick with the higher multipliers and lower fsb. I know you want the most out the ram but i would say go for the 470 x8 (which is a great clock)
  3. What do you have your voltages set at? Either way the 470 w/8x multiplier gives you a 940mhz OC on your ram, and that's pretty good for both parts. If you want to try and go a bit higher with your ram, try a 7x multiplier. But most likely you will be happiest with the 8x.
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