How do you know if it is a dual layer burner?

What do you look for in the specs in order to tell it supports dual layer?

Also, can somebody recommend a good dual layer burner with SATA and Lightscribe?
I've seen this question asked before, but no answers. Is that because it's been asked to death? :)
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  1. Well on Newegg they have a whopping 3 SATA burners, they all will be DL capable I do not think you can buy a single layer drive these days unless you hit either a flea market or the city dump. (remember eWaste is bad !) Out of the three just pick one thats in your speed/price range.
  2. Quote:
    I just bought this one to replace my crappy sony. Kept eating my discs.
    $30, free shipping.

    Its oem but it comes with Nero7. Ive not burned a dvd yet so Im not sure if the Nero7 works with vista64.

    Not sure about 7 but 8 works fine for Vista 64.

    Seems like Comodo is the best firewall right now for Vista 64 and AVG seems to work just fine.
  3. I run Nero 7 on Vista X64 with no problems.

  4. Yeah, I asked this question (well almost the same, minus the DL) a few days ago as you can see, same with the other guy. No reply for me, and a few for the other guy, :p .
  5. That's why I tried asking it with a different twist! ;)
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