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Hi, I have after gettting a new hp computer and XP is installed in it and I got a disc for vista professional with it too. If i wanted to install vista on my computer would all my files be deleted????
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  1. You can back up your files before installing Vista. Then you won't lose them.
  2. How can you back-up your files?
  3. You can use software such as Acronis or Norton ghost, or you can manually move the files to a flash drive, CD, external drive, etc...
  4. Thanks
  5. You're welcome
  6. Is there a fast way of doing it manualy?
  7. Sure. If you have a flash drive, plug it in. Then go to the folders where your important stuff is, and drag them to the flash drive.
  8. Would it be good to sync some files and then put it on the flash drive?
  9. If the files are only in one location currently, it's not necessary.
  10. Would every single file on the computer be deleted if i installed vista?
  11. No, when you do a custom installation, using windows vista or windows 7, the old user documents are backed up into a file at C:\windows.old. Everything else will be erased. You can choose to delete the windows.old folder after the install if you want.

    Call me paranoid, but I like to have my files backed up on a flash drive, in case something errors during the install.
  12. I put all my music on my flash drive , but i noticed when you put a program in your flash drive it is only a shortcut. So I dont know what to do with my programs.
  13. There's nothing that you can do about the programs. If you've got the installer, you can save that on the flash drive. The programs will have to be reinstalled. If you've got personalized profiles, bookmarks, outlook contacts, game data, etc.. that you don't want to lose, you should back them up as well.
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