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i am very new to overclocking so ive come here to try and get some help.

I have:
Gigabyte GA-965P-S3
Intell C2D e6600
2048mb Ram

I read through the overclocking manual thingy and tried giving it ago:
I set the fsb to 280 and tried it, it got to the windows loading screen and flashed a blue screen and reset.

any ideas how i can do it properly?
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  1. Did you overclock ram too? You cant just turn up the fsb you also need to turn up the ram freqency. just for reference I have E6600 and as well but with the Freezer 7 Pro cooler with Asus Striker Extreme board and also crappy 667 RAM. I get 3.4 Ghz up to stable but I keep at 3.33Ghz for safety purposes? Do you have aftermarket cooler or stock cooler.
  2. Thanks for the reply,

    I have stock heater atm but im looking to get a new one, i didnt do anything with the ram so i may have to do that.
    which setting do i change?
  3. get a 1:1 ratio. pretty sure there is a option in the bios to link your ram freqency and fsb.
  4. Stock cooling will be able to run 280fsb fine. If your running 667mhz memory and you raise the fsb to 280 then your memory will try to run around 700mhz which might be a little to fast for stock volts. Try raising the memory voltages up a little bit. Or like itotallybelieveyou said to set the ram and fsb to 1:1 ratio which should work.
  5. Im looking to get this cpu cooler

    is it good and is it easy to fit?
  6. redaz said:
    Im looking to get this cpu cooler

    is it good and is it easy to fit?

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