[SOLVED] PCI Serial Port And IPMI Drivers After Vista Upgrade

I just upgraded from WinXP home to Windows Vista Ultimate 32bit on a homebuilt system:

Intel D975XBX2 MB
2 GB Ram
SATA Drives (86 GB C: and 250 GB E:)
Intel Core2 Duo E4500

The upgrade went smoothly (although it took 38 hours), but now Windows is painfully slow, to the point where I click something, walk away for ten minutes, make a keystroke, come back 10 minutes, etc. I think this may be related to two errors in Device Manager, for the PCI Serial Port and IPMI drivers. I thought I might fix this by using the Intel ExpressInstaller CD that came with my board, but unfortunately Windows can't load the installer program.

Any suggestions about how I can make this system functional again?

1) The board is an early OEM version that Intel no longer supports, so their Vista drivers and apps won't install.

2) The OS slowness was CPU throttling. During my move the stock HSF came loose on one corner, so that anything CPU intensive caused it to throttle way back, and that was causing the problem with Vista.

Put a better cooler on the CPU and did a fresh XP install.
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  1. purush, thanks for responding. When I click on that link, I get the download page for everything for that board--like 5 pages of downloads. Was there a particular file/driver you thought would help?
  2. -The Intel Express Installer is the program that installs all the drivers for the board--it starts (painfully slowly), but the install section is grayed out--it doesn't "see" my board now and won't install.

    -I read here: http://www.intel.com/support/motherboards/desktop/sb/cs-028426.htm#pciserialport that one of the device manager conflicts (PCI Serial Port) can be resolved by running Intel's iAMT drivers.

    -I downloaded the drivers (it comes in an EXE installer package), but the EXE installer won't run in Windows (it shuts itself down) and when I used an extractor program to get the driver out of the archive, and then booted using the Vista OS disk and used the "add drivers" feature to install the driver, but that also failed.

    -I ran the automated repair utility from the Vista disk, but it didn't find any errors.

    I'm going kind of mental here--booting into Windows is a 30-40 minute process, and then mouse/keyboard is slow it's almost impossible, even with several minute breaks in between keystrokes/micro-mouse movements, to do anything.
  3. Hello,

    IPMI interface and PCI Serial Port missing. Yes, it "appears" that this has been solved but not really. Please go to the Gateway Site referenced and locate IPMI interface and PCI Serial Port Drivers, they are NOT there or are described as something else. The BEST ANSWER is nothing without actual confirmation by a troubled User. Can we give this another try and remove it from the Answered catagory?
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