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Hello, Happy New Year! I'm purchasing a 500gb WD internal drive which I intend on using in an external enclosure. I currently have a 100 gb WD drive as my primary drive with my OS and programs on it along with music and pictures.
I wonder if it is possible to clone the existing disk to the new 500gb drive (using Acronis True Image 11) and then take the 500 gb drive and install it as my primary drive in the computer? I'm concerned that the OS will not see the other 400 gb. Has anyone had any experience with this? A friend cautioned me that the OS might not see the entire disk?
Would I need to partition the new drive so the OS would pick up the remaining 400gb?
AMD 2800+, 1GB RAM, WinXP Pro SP2, ASUA A7N8X MB

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  1. Acronis will allow you to expand the size of the image to the full 500 GB. Use automatic settings when cloning.
    Perhaps you may want to have two partitions on the 500 GB, so if the operating system goes bad, everything on the other partition is safe.
  2. there is some software from WD that will allow you to set up your drive including copying files over, that would be by far the simplest way of doing what you want to do. Put all drives in, run the software, it will let you partition it, and then copy everything over.
  3. thanks for the reply's! The WD drive is a bare bone drive, no software so I guess I'll let Acronis handle the expansion of the image size. I'm curious, usually when I clone the disk (for backup) it formats the drive I'm cloning to. Will this suffice for formatting the new 500 gb drive or should I be formatting the drive a different way?
  4. Oh, I forgot to ask another question. This is the external drive enclosure I purchased. I'm wondering if you all feel I made the right decision?
    Check it out...
  5. software is free on their website... might be useful as it properly sets bootability etc.
  6. Thanks 13thmonkey, I'll save that file and try it out!
  7. Personally, I say make the 100GB just for the OS and programs while making the 500GB just for data.
  8. I think using the 500 in the computer makes more sense then a external drvie unless you need to take large files to other locations.

    I have an 80g internal for my OS and programs, and a 500g internal for my DvD collection. I want to get a coulple raptors in raid 0 for my os and apps soon and another 500g external so I can take my movies on the road with my laptop.

    The whole 500g will show up because it looks like you already have SP2 installed.
  9. You guy's are awesome! runswindows95, I was hoping that installing the new 500gb drive internal would be faster than the 100gb drive I have currently. It only has a 2mb cache vs. the 8mb the new drive has. Not to mention that the 100gb drive is pushing 2.5 years old but still running strong.
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