q6600 temp and cooler advice for OC

Hello , temp is increasing to about 70-75 degrees :( . Q6600 is working after the bios update on my gigabyte mainboard . Is it normal or not ? So , please advice a liquid cpu cooler , which is compitable or useful for OC q6600 cpu. Help please ...



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  1. More specifics please...

    70-75 (I'm assuming Celcius?) is pretty hot. If you OCing at all, you really should have a good aftermarket air cool rig or water cool...I don't know about the water rigs so I can't help you there.

    Before I know anything else, let me mention step #1....check to make sure the heat sink is seated properly and check your case airflow. If your not OCing yet, then those temps are way high and your heatsink is not likely seated properly.

    What cooler you have now?...,what is it OC'd to now, what volts...What case are you using, # fans...etc That information will allow folks to better help you.
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