Windows Vista fails to change resolution.

I can't change resolution on Vista .
When i do so screen goes -> Gray with strings up to down.
It occurs allways (No matter games or under desctop ).
I cant change to lower or higher it allways crash like this. I cant instal new games becouse evry new isstaled game runs in 1024x768 so it wont start without crashing ( making screen gray)
Also you cant return from this state to normal . You need to reset PC.
Current resolution is default 1280x1024.
I am using Vista Ultimate/ GF 7900GS/ Samsung Syncmaster 173pp pluged in DVI/ 163.44 Drivers.(tried on many doesnt matter).

Thanks for any help in advance.
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  1. kapuu said:
    Also you cant return from this state to normal . You need to reset PC.

    Is this on a fresh install of Vista? Also, have you tried to hit "n" after the screen goes grey. By default Vista will give you 15 seconds to confirm the resolution change, then it will revert back to your previous setting. If you hit the "n" key, or just wait 15 seconds, it should change back to your original resolution. If this is not happening, then it's a software problem.

    Regardless, I'd say there is a problem with your screen, try hooking it up with a VGA cable and see if the problem still occurs.
  2. If you have a copy of xp you could load it up and see if the monitor will change rez. If not then it's likely either video card or monitor. If it does work on XP then a reinstall of Vista might be needed, since changing drivers isn't helping.

    How about safe mode? Can you make any changes there? Will it even run in safe mode default, 800 x 600 I think?
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