HELP needed on renamed video files. PLEASE!

Really need some help and I don't know where to turn,

I have a seperate HDD which I use to store all of my video files, yet somehow they have become 'corrupted' and I mean everyone of them.

Their are about 4000 files of this drive and they all use to work, however for some reason not a single one of them does now, they have all been renamed (not by me, and I use MSE which is upto date and a full scan preformed).

Each one if now named

'locked-' and a new 4 character file extention has been added to all file names. I have tried to remove this 'fake' file extention but not a single one will work.

Below is a screenshot of a typical file directory.

Anyone got any ideas how to fix this, anyone seen it before? I really DON'T want to re-download 4TBs of data.
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  1. Those files are not corrupted; some program/trojan/virus has renamed and locked them.
  2. I gathered as much, any idea which program will remove the said Trojan/Virus as AVG and MSE wont find a virus on my PC.

    Anyway to save the files?
  3. Trojan found (Trojan:JS/BlacoleRef.G), Guessing it was MSR that locked the files because of this trojan, trojan has been removed, anyway to 'save / unlock' the files?
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