Play a quick game: is my computer dead

Hi guys,

I am pretty sure from what I have read that my motherboard is fried but hopefully/maybe I am wrong.

The computer components are as follows Abit IS7, P4 2.4 C, dual Cosair XMS 256 meg, ATI 9800 pro and an Antec true 430 watt power supply. The computer was not hooked up directly to the wall but to a an outlet extender (powerstrip with a circuit breaker) no other electronics were damaged that were hooked up to the power strip. I am assuming that the computer got damaged during an electric storm but I was on a business trip so I do not know when it actually shut down an was damaged (this could be a nil factor but most likely the cause).

When I connect the power supply to the mother board the LED indicator light turns on showing that the board is receiving power, but if I try to turn on the computer the CPU fan will appear to start (does not even make full rotation) and the computer shuts stops instantly and all lights go off and then the indicator light returns.

Items that I have done to try to fix it:
I have purchased a new power supply (hoping that the problem was that my power supply was fried and could not bear a load). This did nothing to correct the problem.

I then took all components out of the computer to determine that there was not a random short being caused by the computer case or other components. I even tried to start the computer with only the CPU and motherboard connected and still the computer does not work.

I have not noted any blown or bulging capacitors on the motherboard or any other components.

If you need any other info please ask.

Thanks for any help,


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  1. Have you tried to use some of you components on a different motherboard to see if they still work?
  2. That sounds like you have a buggered USB device that is causing some thermal protection on your system, maybe a USB printer is messed up?? Try unplugging everything but non-usb mouse, keyboard and monitor after unplugging the comp from the wall for half an hour. Plug in and try it out. SHOULD work. Did you recently try and disconnect/connect a USB device while the system is on? Sometimes it causes probs in my experience... Hope this helps!!
  3. I do not have any additional P4 mother boards so I have not tried a new mobo.

    As for the USB. There are no USB items attached to the computer. I have removed all components outside the ones required to start a computer. Should I tried to restart with components attached?
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