Need to extend wireless range at home. Pls help.

I have a linksys WRT54GL at home, but the signal doesn't go all the way to one of the rooms. I live in an apartment with concrete walls.

I thought about installing a repeater, but apparently, after talking to linksys support, the only repeater they have doesn't communicate wirelessly with my router. They said I would need 2 access points to make it work.

I am pretty sure the WRT54GL itself can server also as an access point and broadcast signal to another access point. Well, maybe not a linksys one, but I could get one from another manufacturer,

Is that right?

What do you suggest?

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  1. have you considered a pair of powerline connectors?
    they cost from around 40 pounds.
  2. Powerline connectors (mains plug adapters) are a good solution.

    Your original idea of linking one wireless source to another isn't so usual with domestic wireless gear as it requires WDS support.

    More usually you extend the reach of the first router by linking it by ethernet cable to a WAP (or another wireless router with settings modified).

    Like this:
  3. Guys. Thanks. But the goal is to be wireless.
    Unless I plug another router to the power line or something, seems more complicated.
  4. with the powerline connectors you plug one end into your router and the other into the socket, you then plug in the second connector into another socket and then plug that using ethernet cable into your machine or another wireless access point (they do come in wifi versions that ive seen) which you then use to connect wirelessly to your laptop.
  5. Hey skubaman, I've heard about Linksys' own repeaters not working with the WRT54GL. AFAIK, it's possible to use the WAP54G as a repeater, but you'll have to do some tweaking.

    You'll have to assign the WAP54G and the WRT54GL a static IP each. Then, on each device that connects wirelessly, the Default Gateway has to be set to the WRT54GL's assigned IP. Lemme know how this works.
  6. For the record, Linksys does have a repeater option (range extender).

    I have not used this personally, so i cant share if it works well. I can tell you that using a repeater, you should expect half the throughput. Just something to keep in mind.

    You can turn your router into a WDS, but isnt supported by the manufature and you could hose your equipment if its not done right.
  7. You can goto to and get DDWRT's Linksys WRT54GL, this firmware gives you the option to turn a linksys router into either bridged repeater, bridge or client. And its user freindly.

    They also have a Support team on there site for help

    P.S. you can also overclock this router, and Turn up the signal output with this firmware. This Firmware was designed so that you will get the max out of your WRT54G.

    :bounce: WWW.DDWRT.COM :bounce:
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