Can I pick up a couple fps with a really old Soundblaster vs. Onboard?

I've been using onboard audio since I built my PC. I know a newer sound card would add a slight performance boost, but what about an older one? Would the act of freeing up CPU resources still give me a boost or would the old card drag down my system?

I have 2 old Soundblaster Live! cards and an old Turtle Beach Santa Cruz. I run Windows XP with an X2 4200+ card and 2 gig of RAM. I'd have to drive to my storage to get them so I thought I'd ask if anyone knew.

Worth a try or just forget about it?
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  1. The SB Live is EOL (no support). You could find drivers for XP I imagine. You could pickup an Audigy SE at Walmart for under $30. There are even Vista drivers for it. Here's a link for it:
  2. $30 isn't that bad. Maybe one day I'll just pick up one of those.
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